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The Gambling Control Authority (GCA) was established under section 5 of the Casino and Gambling Control Act 2010.

The Casino and Gambling Control Act 2010 has 5 objectives that the GCA is tasked with administering and its success will be measured against the attainment of these objectives.  The objectives are:

(1)              to promote probity and integrity in gambling; and

(2)              to maintain the probity and integrity of persons engaged in gambling in Samoa; and

(3)              to promote fairness, integrity and efficiency in the operations of persons engaged in gambling in Samoa; and

(4)              to reduce any adverse social impact of gambling; and

(5)              to promote a balanced contribution by the gambling industry to tourism and general community benefit and amenity.


The first task for the GCA is to manage the Expression of Interest and Request for Proposal stages in searching Internationally for responsible and reliable casino operators.  The GCA has a maximum of two casino licenses available.


The principle notion for casino operation in Samoa is based on the operator running a “junket” based business.  Junkets are when an operator brings guests in from another location, houses them, looks after their daily needs while they gamble at his establishment.


This falls in line with the provisions of the Act that do not permit locals entry to the casino.  Casino entry is predicated upon fulfilling two pre-requisites, namely, being the holder of a foreign passport and being a registered guest at a resort/hotel.


Wider GCA Responsibilities:


Ultimately, the GCA will see amendments placed before Parliament that will align all gambling based legislation into the one Act, namely the Gambling Control Act 2010 and its amendments.


This consolidation will make gambling legislation and administration streamlined from the current situation where gambling legislation exists in several different pieces of legislation.

Gambling Control Authority
PO Box 3705, Apia, Samoa


GCA / Samoa National Lottery Office
Ott Building
Matafele, Apia


+685 26512
+685 727 1270


+685 26965


Tuala Tamaalelagi Siaki Tuala II
Chief Executive Officer, GCA
Phone: +685 775 6886
Email: ceo@gca.gov.ws

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