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Playing is easy

Samoa National Lotto is our Saturday night lottery game. The aim of the game is to match the numbers on a line of your ticket to the winning numbers drawn for that particular draw.

Game options

Marked Coupon

Picking your own numbers is easy if you use our coupons. Simply select six numbers from between 1 and 35 to get a line of  Lotto. You need to pick a minimum of four lines on a ticket, you can choose more if you’re feeling lucky!


Quickpick is the easy, no fuss way to play Lotto. Simply choose which Quickpick you would like and the computer will randomly pick your numbers for you.

What you need to win

Division 1  6 winning numbers
Division 2  5 winning numbers + bonus
Division 3  5 winning numbers
Division 4  4 winning numbers
Division 5  3 winning numbers + bonus




Savalalo office 26512
Savalalo 7271270
Vaitele 7271273
Vaoala 7271277
Matautu 7271280
Lynn 7271284
Lotopa 7271269
Fasitoo 7271285
Salelologa 7271292

Gambling Control Authority
PO Box 3705, Apia, Samoa


GCA / Samoa National Lottery Office
Ott Building
Matafele, Apia


+685 26512
+685 727 1270


+685 26965


Tuala Tamaalelagi Siaki Tuala II
Chief Executive Officer, GCA
Phone: +685 775 6886

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